Apple Pride

Apple, on whose product I write, requested something simple and cute for a cozy little LGBT celebration at the super lovely Hotel Vitale here in San Francisco.  Well, what to do after the unbelievably bad rainbow fiasco on the streets of The Castro, and all the while not too terribly fond of lots of bright mixed colors in anything else but a fruit salad.  (The client requested color in a very LGBT kind of way – often a chubby RED FLAG for me, but whatevz, I am always up for a challenge and it is truly the goal of John James Designs to Redefine Enchantment and to dazzle clients every step of the way.DSC_0246

Dahlias!  I went to the super hottie (and over 70!) Louie Figone and took a gander at his collection of dahlias (See vid) .


I can only imagine what it must be like to have a family heritage of hundreds and hundreds of acres of land in Half Moon Bay, right on the ocean where he and his family have grown zillions of dahlias for decades.  (If you go and see him, you can see fantastic photos of his family along with his SF Flower Mart badges going all the way back to the early 60’s.  I like the change in graphics as the years tic by and am super grateful to my dear and much missed and gifted friend Jamie Divine for introducing me to good graphics.  Thanks Jamie!!!)

I grabbed some colorful vases and some colorful dahlias and hung out with Kitty Pies, my super duper amazing British Shorthair cat that you will all be getting very familiar with in due course.

It is nice to make simple arrangements.  I am generally more fond of intense, monochromatic or duo-chromotic (spellcheck please) rich and lush arrangements.  However from time to time, the very simple celebration of a single flower is not only the correct design decision but a delight.

(Dahlias are not known for being terribly long lasting flowers once they are cut.  So do not expect more than 4 days of lush loveliness.)DSC_0243

We’ve come a long way baby!  Celebrating the unparalleled success of the LBGT community!  Thanks Apple, and Hewlett, and Microsoft, and UPS and and and and and.  To all of you “ands” out there, thank YOU too!