Chocolate in the garden!

Chocolate Cosmos!!!

These are fast becoming some of my favorite flowers.  Chocolate Cosoms! are the wildflower choice of many, ranging in color from Picote pink and white to these dark sexy chocolate numbers you see here.  I was one my way to see a friend, who graciously agreed to help with my computer.  (Ugh!  I love me a trip to the Apple store but when I have to sit and wait for help with a computer “bug”, suddenly the cuties behind the counter become a bit campus-ish if you know what I mean)

However, I left grateful for the help and promptly went to the garden to pick some of these lovelies for the adorable Grant and his super duper boyfriend Alex who installed some additional software on my computer as well as a delightful new screen saver.  I tied it with a delicate ribbon from my favorite store in the world and hit the road to meet with my adorbs friends, in their equally adorbs apartment.


These grow wonderfully in my garden, though I am very lucky to live in one of the sunny spots in SF.  I think too much heat stunts them, and because they are prone to powdery mildew-YUCK-, they will not grow well in foggy parts of town.  Anyway, I fertilize them with Organic Fish Emulsion by E.G. Stone and they go crazy!  I have blooms in my house every week.


The only cautionary tale I have for you, besides avoiding obsession, is to watch out for their uncanny ability to turn into shadows in arrangements.  While they make unbelievably beautiful and effective contrasts to light blue and white flowers in particular, when the lights are low, they often turn into little black holes.  Cute for Halloween but don’t go crazy.  Remember that light, more than anything in the world, will make beautiful better.

Fresh cuts, warm water!