Puttin’ on the Ritz!

Okay, so not really puttin’ on the Ritz as in that fabulous number with Gene Wilder in “Young Frankenstein”, but rather creating something super duper for the VP of Global Marketing for the Ritz.  Pressure on, time to get creative with 3 hours notice!  (No problem.)

There is something SO FANTASTIC about being asked to go above and beyond (which is what I try to do with each and every client ttytt) and being able to find just the right elements for a very special arrangements in your garden.  I am telling you my friends, getting your hands dirty to plant flowering plants and then prettying up your life and the life of those you love with the flowers they produce is one of the most satisfying things in the world.  I think the only thing that compares, while playing in the dirt that is, is growing food that you eat with your friends.  (I am planning on growing root veggies!-  More later.)




I found an outrageous fern at Half Moon Bay nursery and plopped it in the shady part of my garden.  And of course you know how much I love me some chocolate Cosmos so I drifted over to the sunny side of the garden and started cutting these gorgeous gems.


I also went and cut the Euphorbia that I planted just a few month ago.  I told myself I would wait but I needed some additional gray to go with the fern and there it was, just staring at me, taunting me, and so I cut the hell out of it.  CAUTION!!! The while milk of this particular euphorbia is wicked and for me resulted in a swollen eye.  Be very mindful of the white blooded plants.  Euphorbias are lovely but a huge plant family and scandalously noxious.  You won’t bet sick per se but for some of us with sensitive skin you get get quite a swell and one hell of an itch.

photo 2


I realize not everybody has the luxury of a garden at their fingertips.  And not everybody has a huge and gorgeous flower market a mile down the road.  I am indeed a lucky man. However, you can always buy the plants at the nursery and then guerrilla landscape by plopping the plant in the park and or a anywhere on Van Ness.  (UGH!  Don’t get me started on Van Ness)


So, I got the call, last minute of course, and got to work.  4 dozen garden roses, gray fern and Euphorbia, yellow and pink blush calla lilies and to top it off, a bit of sexy shadow in the form of chocolate cosmos and a cozy smattering of Monarch butterflies.  Yes, there are times when the arrangement is just going to be that lush!  Oh, and Kitty Pies aka Edgar was a long for the ride with this arrangement.  When he senses something wonderful is afoot, he is happy to be part of the mix.