Monsieur Benjamin

Never been here, and for some strange reason I am not compelled to go.  Perhaps one of you can convince me that the food is good and I will give it a go.  But for now, I am not so much concentrating on the food as I am the cozy table and the flowers on it.


My dear friend Laura, who works with Silicon Valley Bank and WeWork, the co-working space start-up (now valued at 5B) in the TL here in town were having a birthday dinner for a colleague.  They wanted something sexy, a touch dark but also whimsical and pretty.  So off to work I went.

I thought it would be nice to have something at each setting-something that made the guests feel special, a trifle that could rest on the plate.  There is something so wonderful about going to a restaurant and seeing that one table amongst all the others that has been decorated thoughtfully for guests.  It makes people feel special and does not have to be a very elaborate affair, (though I love me some elaborate affairs).



These cozy Dusty Miller leaves were topped with a plant with the most wonderful pale yellow trumpets whose name escapes me at the moment.  I have so many plants in my garden now it is hard to keep track.  I will ask my friend Shiloh and get back to you all.  This particular plant does very well in the Bay Area and makes a delightful, albeit short stemmed cut flowers.



The flower arrangement, small enough not to be disruptive to conversation (IMPORTANT) and large enough to be exciting for the recipient (EVEN MORE IMPORTANT) was made of black calla lilies, dusty miller and Monarch butterflies in a simple 6″ glass cylinder.  Of course the guest of honor had one of the butterflies magically fly onto her place setting.  And while I am a bit on the fence about paper tablecloths, in this particular setting it worked.



Even if you just pluck some greenery out of your yard and add a touch of flowers to it, there is something so nice about bringing a floral centerpiece to a birthday table.  (It is also nice to keep a cozy box perhaps lined with some paper towels for the guest to use in transporting the flowers home.)

So there you have it.  A touch of floral coziness for good friends celebrating another good friend’s birthday.