Merriment Post Mortem

I am only partially glad that the holidays are over.  There is indeed an ennui that permeates the season for me though it is also a time of great abundance-friends getting together for dinner, quiet time by the fire with my precious Kitty Pies, and of course the opportunity to work with my fantastic clients, those that are willing to step a touch out of the box for holiday décor that is simultaneously appropriate and dazzling.


Yes, I am glad to be rid of the glitter, but truth be told, there is something wildly satisfying about glitter and glue.  I collected some wonderful and unique species of cones from local confers and found this natural touch, completely adorned with the unnatural glitter to be a striking combo for the Christmas tree.


In no real order, here are some photos of the installation at the Ritz-Carlton Club and Residences. Special thanks to Kathi Lee Mayer and to Becky Follo for their expert help (and delicious wine for staff) as well as to the concierge and valet at this fantastic institution.

The trees, as evidenced by a previous video of my trip to the Emerald Forest on 19th and Sloat, were beautiful Silver Tip Firs.  These are perfect for hanging ornaments and of course for pining over 200 Papillio Ulysees butterflies.



On one of the floors there is a lounge for the residents.  This exclusive area has a handsomely stocked bar with wine lockers, a delightful coffee machine, TV, lounge chairs and a cozy patio. Many a’ time one can find good friends laughing and chatting over a bottle of Screaming Eagle or sipping on a fine whiskey.  In this somewhat cool area, (I am speaking of the color and fabric), I opted for a classic topiary completely covered in glitter as well as hanging chocolate silk satin ribbons with glittered dove tails to adorn the fireplace mantle.  In a slightly austere but nonetheless sophisticated environment, the look worked quite well.

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Good match to the floor huh?

And so we say goodbye to another holiday season, one that I found to be delightfully full of friends and laughter, a touch of irritation at the downtown drivers during “The Storm of the Century” and a whole lot of Chinese food at the inimitable Mama Ji’s on 18th and Eureka.  I am a grateful man.







How cozy is this lobby!


To all of my good friends, most valued clients and my gifted and much appreciated staff, I wish you abundance, peace and adventure in this new year.  And remember, fresh cuts and warm clean water for the flowers I know you have resolved to keep around you at all times.


John James