Super Simple Arrangement For Your Table After a Trip to CB2

Despite the constant desire to achieve perfection with flowers and design, there are times when a simple approach to flower arranging, a quick and easy arrangement is just what the doctor ordered.  In this particular case, an idea sprang to me after eating a salad, and staring at all of the vases in my studio that needed to be washed.  In short, I was a touch irritated that my regular lunch routine, one full of bready carbs with a cozy Diet Coke and a cupcake, had been supplanted by a modest bowl of lightly dressed greens and a trifle touch of skinless chicken breast.  Such is the price for an end to an increasing waist line and a metaphorically shrinking wardrobe.  In short, I was not at all in the mood for anything complicated.  This particular arrangement was going to be simple, easy and beautiful.

So let’s get started.

All that you need is a cozy vase.  Sometimes that is truly the best inspiration.  In this case I used this super easy to work with, versatile, and attractive vase from my friends at CB2.  Take a look at it.  Think about it for a sec.  For those that cook, I would imagine the same things comes from looking at a pan or the inside of the fridge.  For a gardener it is a patch of dirt.

Off to the flower mart where I purchased the always lovely and abundant Dusty Miller along with some gorgeous claret/purple calla lilies.  I was going to work in twos this time.

So I simply placed a full bunch of the gray Dusty Miller in the vase and let it fall to the left.  I took a stem or two out of the bunch for accents and then “filled” the empty spaces with Calla Lilies.  Then, I went back and filled in again with the remaining stems of Dusty Miller and voila!

Now I know I make it sound easy and I do not want to discredit the frustration that comes with working with a wider mouthed vase.  However, if you simply plop a full bunch of greenery in the vase and then look for the blank spots, you may find you are doing just what you did when you were a kid and first learned how to enjoy a coloring  book or a piece of construction paper.

Have fun, treat yourself to a good pair of clippers (NEVER use scissors) and Happy New Year again to all of you!