Chickening out on Scorpions? Or Making the Right Culinary Decision.

The inimitable David Gingrass and his beautiful and super smart partner Julie were having a cozy company lunch at the fantastic Spruce restaurant on Sacramento Street.  Spruce has a small, intimate and very beautiful private dining area, replete with fireplace, with a wonderful view of the street.   (That is a good thing on the 3400+ block(s) of Sacramento Street.  This ain’t 23rd and Mission yo.)


So what to do?  What to do for successful financial management folks who go to all the parties, see all the talent here in the Bay Area, who see the endless parade of beautiful flowers available in our fair town by any number of super talented artists?  Well, I took a look in my shed, (I love having a shed) and saw this wonderful palm sheath.  The rather phallic sheath appears in Spring, loaded with dates and after it splits open to reveal the fruit, it often dries in the most fabulous shapes.  Because the table at Spruce is narrow, so must the centerpiece be.


As you may know, I do a lot of interior design and after working with Kyle Minor on a fabulous table for a client in Clarendon Heights, I decided to employ the same brilliant technique of dipping the sheath in fine gold paint, like we did the legs of a custom hand carved table.  It turned out quite chic.  The rest is pretty self-explanatory.

But then as I stared at what I thought was a lovely and unique expression of beauty, I thought too of how it might have been a touch too beautiful.  I wanted to compromise it a bit, I wanted to destroy it.  Actually, I just thought of adding highly venomous black Scorpions as a deliciously naughty and highly unexpected compliment to all of this sickening beauty.  I loved it but then realized it may not suit the guests as they munched on say, mollusks or anything crunchy.  So I chickened out.  Though I secretly love the look.  Where is my goth bride!!!!





The set up and execution was super easy.  You all can do this with Oasis foam and a bit of protection with any number of plastic products.  Think of the oasis as coloring in between the lines and you could use a hallowed out orange (also a good way to make use of another fine bit of foliage) as a centerpiece.  Love me some oasis for SHORT TERM flower arrangements.


With our without the Scorpions?  I would love your thoughts.





Have fun, and remember fresh cuts and warm clean water.