One long and lovely mass of loveliness

I am a grateful man.  I look at a life that is filled with family and friends that I cherish.  I live in the most beautiful city in the world.  (That is San Francisco for those of you who may be, um, living under a rock).  My career is built on my love of beautiful things and the great privilege of brining beautiful things to clients near and far.


I was tasked with helping a cherished client in thanking the growers that make wine possible.  As the son of a landscape architect, who has been digging in the dirt for, um, decades, I am well aware of the work that goes into growing fruits and flowers.  Good land stewardship is essential.  Napa is, after all, first an agricultural region and I think it is important to remember how much goes into the flowers you see, the food you eat and the wine you drink.

Using berries and nuts and fruit and pods and then moving into flowers, primarily the most wonderful white anemone, I took to the studio for hours, creating a 20 foot long never ending centerpiece.


It is a challenge, as one creates piece after piece to keep the dimensions perfect.  (I used pre-oasis’d plastic 12″ containers, built one at a time)  After all, it is like putting together a puzzle, one that must be absolutely perfect.  Thankfully, I am a bit obsessive and so I measured each and every one and “tweaked” where necessary.  Here is a close up.


The candles are wrapped in bark, the linen is Mushroom linen and the attitude is all gratitude, all graciousness.  I love what I do.

Wishing you all a life full of gratitude.  And yes, one hears about gratitude a lot.  I am often not in the mood to be grateful as I make my way down Divisadero en route to Oak en route to the Bay Bridge.  I may not always be ready to be grateful but what I can say for sure is that my life is bigger, fuller and richer; I am attracted and attractive to the finest people when I take a minute to remember for how much we all have to be grateful.

Get some flowers!  Get a sustainable block of oasis and shove it into a cute vintage coffee cup.  Get a vase and fill it will the oasis and start plugging in any flowers you can find.

Have fun!