Glitter, glitter and more glitter!

I am not stranger to glitter. Friends and family alike are familiar with the precious little twinkles coming from my neck, hair, cheeks, jeans, shoes, floor, closet, bed, laundry room, patio and fireplace-all as a result of indulging in the late November early December tradition of glittering the sh*& out of anything that wasn’t glued down.

Actually that last part is not too terribly true. I am discerning about what to glitter as you should be too. So, for a quick lesson on how to make a bow, any old bow look super duper great, I have created this cozy post for you. This project is something that can be done with the kids, is easy to store and re-use and if you are using metal or glass glitter, is completely non-toxic.

Here is what you will need to make ribbons and bows look super glittertastic. (Glittertastic? Yeah, I am gonna stay with it for a bit though I am not sure it has the weight of say “fanfu*^$ingtastic”)

Step one! Get your goodies. I have a gigantic collection of ribbon from Ribbons Unlimited in Pasadena. When I first walked in this store I gasped. Perfectly aligned shelves house zillions of ribbons, a whole section of satin solids of gorgeous colors and in about 14 sizes!!! So love this place.



Several plates (paper for throw away if you wish) for excess glitter
Good German Glass or metal flake glitter (don’t be shy to try Car Paint Companies)
Disposable paint brush
Bowl of lightly watered down Elmer’s glue
Cut your ribbon into a dove tail and with either painter’s tape or with your own hand, create the starting point of your glue about two or three inches above the center cut of the dove tail. Lightly glue but be sure to cover.

Then sprinkle the glitter onto the ribbon, completely covering the glued area. DO NOT PRESS DOWN. If you have to go over the glitter with the brush because of poor coverage, do not be shy. Though you may need another brush should you change glitter color.

Gently pull the ribbon off of the paper and hang from the side of your craft table (ha! like we all have craft tables, I use the dining room table or the mantle and weigh the ribbons down with a candle. Once I even used a potato. Hey, I was out of candles and had to make a ton of these things-later I had glorious mashed potatoes but that is for another post-I make very good mashed potatoes.)




There are a million and one ways to use theses ribbons. Often I will tie an old-fashioned bow and then glue these behind the knot in the center of the ribbon for a lot of added drama. These are also very nice to tuck into holiday trees with the glittery wonderfulness illuminated by the sting lights. If you use these as an elegant touch to your tree, you will need a good amount of yardage.

For the Ritz-Carlton Residences here in San Francisco, I used these sparingly on the mantle. The look is super chic in the space and a perfect match to the topiary I made. You can see how I used the ribbons at the top and bottom of the topiary for a super dramatic effect.


Remember, there are no rules other than to use non-toxic materials and to have a great time. What is so good about this ribbon is that the texture and body of the ribbon make it super easy to work with. Simply puddling them down the side of your tree will create a gorgeous shape. The ribbon is very forgiving.

Now here is the topiary I made. I will talk more about the topiary in another post. SUPER EASY! But look at the ribbons. They are connected to the topiary body by ends being poked into sections between the ornaments and cones with a bamboo shish kabob skewer.


Because the glue makes the ends of the ribbons stiff, you can really tweak and bend the tips for high drama!

Hope you have fun and should you have any specific questions, please feel free to write.