Napa Valley

Planner: in-house

Photos: Damion Hamilton

Autumn is my favorite time of year. In California where Indian Summers can delight with crisp mornings followed quickly by warm bright days, and chilly evenings. Autumn is a time for fashion, for rich color and for celebration. Napa Valley wineries harvest their grapes in the Fall and what better time to celebrate the harvesting of these magical grapes than with a party! Members were treated to music, delicious food, a fabulous lounge for stargazing and chatting with friends. Napa is an agricultural area first and foremost, with effortless hospitality and merrymaking running a very close 2nd.

big view
NVR regal lounge photo 2 velvet ornate chairs
NVR close up lounge and flowers
huge wood coffeetable
NVR Hard close up longe
tent and lounge
harvest shawls,.jui
Napa Valley Reserve
NVR Wide shot lounge
NVR Bacci ball and tent
wide shot of vines and land
NVR Overhead lounge